I recently starting reading and following other food bloggers in hopes of gaining a greater understanding of other foodies like me and joining in the larger “foodie” dialog. Thanks to the experience of other bloggers,I have noticed the need for a “FTC” disclaimer. So here it goes…

In light of big brother’s (the Federal Trade Commission) need to redefine and overwork the guidelines for endorsements and testimonials by celebrities and lowly bloggers alike. I must now say a few words. Any opinions, discussions, criticisms, critiques, or endorsements expressed in this blog are personal and the opinion of the author, or maybe a few trusted friends. They are based on personal experience, family traditions, and maybe a few deeply ingrained presuppositions and predigests, though I will try to keep those to a minimum.

The products represented on this blog were purchased by the sweat of our brow and the power (though greatly diminishing these days) of the all mighty dollar. If at some in the future we begin to receive free items for review or endorsement we will let you know.  Otherwise, all kitchen items, food products, or printed material used were bought and paid for by hard-working Americans…and maybe a few British subjects. The Paperback Chef nor its contributors, in any way, take compensation for any item or work as spokesmen for any company or industry. If at any point this changes, it will be noted in the bog post and listed on this page. Until then… rest assured we use what we like, criticize what we find to be sub-par, and can change our minds at a minutes notice.


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